13th Jul 2017

Look at the Children's gardening in full bloom!!

Look at the Children’s gardening in full bloom!!

Hi Everybody,

I have to apologise for not been seen or heard!!! since the Christmas post, Norma in Crossbarry and Sarah in Passage do such  a fantastic job in updating all our news and activities on Facebook every week, it lets me off the hook, well kind of, therefore be sure and follow us on Facebook if you want to see all our busy little kids at and work and play.

Have to say we are after sending off another fantastic group of kids, although will miss everyone of those little characters it is good to see them ready for “big School” and we wish them all the best in another big start in life.  Thank you to all the parents with your lovely cards and the thoughtful and meaningful words in them.

During these weeks staff and children are coming and going on their deserved breaks, however Giggles is as ever in the height of activities with a big variety of summer weekly programmes, the lovely weather adding to the enjoyment, with the flowers in the wellies too enjoying the weather and are blooming.

So for now will enjoy the rest of the summer fun in Giggles and I promise won’t keep it as long to post again!

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