An Adventure Today For The Kids!

12th Apr 2016

What a day we had in Giggles to-day,  The children were all wrapped up and told they were going on Tour!  The sun shone and off we went in groups to the Kelly’s across the road.  There we met 2 pigs called George and Tattie, these were no ordinary pigs, they were New Zealander pigs and lovely pets (beware mums and dads that your children wont be looking for new pets), The Children were able to go in and feed the pigs and rub them or scratch them which the pigs loved.  After that we moved on to see the hens, again they went in and fed the hens and gave them water, hoping to collect eggs, this took awhile the last group were in luck and 6 fresh eggs were brought back to Giggles!  The children were given the chance to pick their own rhubarb and take them home. A special thanks to Adraianne and Blathnaid Kelly for giving us the tour and giving us a pot of homemade jam!  There will be photos put up in the Gallery soon

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